Easy Madeleine Recipe

This Easy Madeleine Recipe will have you whipping up Madeleines like a pro in no time! They are pretty easy to master if you follow my foolproof tips! You can flavor them with lemon zest, or vanilla extract, but my favorite is orange zest! 

This is one of my favorite French Recipes to master because people are always so impressed with them, thinking you bought them at the local French bakery. Much like my Foolproof Macaron Recipe or my Classic French Apple Tart; two other great French recipes that will impress your friends! 

Madeleines on a blue plate with tea pot

What To Serve With Madeleines?

Madeleines are a lightly flavored dessert that pairs well with tea or coffee. They are great for an afternoon snack or as a light dessert for a brunch or baby shower. I also think they work well on a cookie platter too or as a food gift for Mother's Day or Teacher's Appreciation Week! 

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Is a Madeleine a Cookie or a Cake? 

Well, it depends on how you look at it. Technically, it is a small sponge-like cake. But over the years it has "functioned" more like a cookie since they are typically served alongside tea or coffee.

Madeleines on board being dusted with powdered sugar

How Long Do Madeleines Stay Fresh?

Personally, I think Madeleines are best eaten the day they are made. But they will last in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. After baking, omit the powdered sugar, place them in an air-tight container, and then bring them to room temperature. Just before serving you can dust with powdered sugar.

Traditional hump of an Easy Madeleine Recipe

Can you Freeze Madeleines?

  • Yes! After baking allow them to cool completely. Omit the powdered sugar.
  • Then wrap in wax paper, then in aluminum foil. Place in the freezer for up to one month.
  • The day you plan to serve them, allow your Madeleines to thaw at room temperature, then dust with powdered sugar just before serving.

Scalloped detail of an Easy Madeleine Recipe lying on its hump

How Do You Achieve The Traditional Madeleine Hump? 

  • In order to get that traditional "hump" of a madeleine cookie (the true mark of success!), you must refrigerate the batter at least one hour before baking.
  • This is a step often overlooked, and really does make all the difference!
  • The madeleine hump is created due to the differences in temperature between the chilled batter and the hot oven. The steam that is produced creates the hump. So no chilling, no hump.
  • The hump also allows them to prop themselves up showing off their beautiful scalloped detail!

Madeleine cookie tin being brushed with non-stick baking spray and pastry brush

How Do You Avoid Madeleines Sticking to the Pan?

  • Stay away from those metal pans that you have to butter and flour! Madeleine pans have so many crevices that you really need a non-stick surface for the most foolproof results!
  • And don't fall for those silicone models either!
  • They may look easy enough the way they pop right out, but you have to put them on a baking tray to stabilize them, and then you'll be left with a little mark on the bottom of your madeleine form where it became too hot against the pan. 

Madeleine Pan being filled with Madeleine Cookie Batter

Which Pan is Best?

  • Trust me I've tried them all, and the best bet is a non-stick metal pan.
  • My recommendation for my favorite pan is The Chicago Metallic Non-Stick, Madeleine Pan.
  • I would not waste your time on a Madeleine pan that is not non-stick.
  • They are too many crevices in the scallop design, and half your Madeleine will end up sticking in the grooves with this time of pan.
  • Allow them to cool and then remove them with a small butter knife or icing spatula then dust with powdered sugar. 

Madeleine cookie being removed from madeleine cookie pan

Can You Make Madeleines Without The Pan?

  • Technically you can. You can use a muffin tin or a mini muffin tin for a smaller portion. They won't have a hump, per se, but rather a dome.
  • They will still taste delicious and will give you a good sense of what the taste is like. If you enjoy them, then you can invest in the pan. 

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Madeleines on a Blue Plate with powdered sugar

Easy Madeleine Recipe

Yield: 18 cookies
Prep Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Cook Time: 8 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 28 minutes

This Easy Madeleine Recipe will have you whipping up Madeleines like a pro in no time! A dainty little sponge-cake served like a cookie Madeleines are wonderful served with coffee or tea.


  • 3 eggs
  • ⅔ cup (130 g) sugar
  • 1 ½ (7.5 ml) teaspoon orange zest
  • 1 cup (120 g) flour
  • 1 teaspoon (5 ml) baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon (1.25 ml) salt
  • 6 tablespoon (90 ml) melted butter
  • 1 tablespoon (7 g) powdered sugar


  1. Beat eggs with sugar until pale yellow. Add the orange zest.
  2. Whisk together dry ingredients add to the egg mixture gently, until just combined. Then add melted butter.
  3. Refrigerate the batter for at least 1 hour! Or overnight. This is really critical for getting the “hump” of a Madeleine, the traditional mark of this classic French cookie.
  4. Preheat oven to 350F/(176C).
  5. Lightly coat a non-stick, Madeleine pan with baking spray using this technique. Spray the baking spray into a small bowl and with a pastry brush lightly grease each well.
  6. Spoon 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of batter into the center of the well and don’t touch it. It will spread out by itself and keep a more uniform shape that way.
  7. Bake 7-8 mins until slightly golden around edges and centers look set and a slight hump has appeared. Allow to cool slightly and remove from the tin and allow to cool.
  8. Once cooled completely and dust with powdered sugar and serve!
  9. These are best eaten the day they are made. Batter can be made 2 days ahead of time.


Batter can be made 2 days ahead. Batter MUST rest for at least 1 hour in the fridge in order to get that "traditional madeleine hump".

This is not the time for those silicone wonder molds. Non-stick metal all the way! I find those silicone molds don't allow for even browning like the non-stick metal does.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 18 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 47Total Fat: 5gSaturated Fat: 3gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 2gCholesterol: 41mgSodium: 42mgCarbohydrates: 0gFiber: 0gSugar: 0gProtein: 1g


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  1. Recipe is perfect and I’m experimenting with different flavors. I have the small size and the round version as well as the usual size, but is there an extra large version so we can enjoy more of these delicious little treats? Thank you.

  2. Hey Beth! I have made these twice now and have yet to achieve the hump. Any insights on why that would be? The first time I made it I let the batter chill in the fridge for an hour the second time I made it I let the batter chill overnight. Both times, no hump.

    1. Hmm it sounds like it could be your baking powder. I would buy a fresh tin and try again, and also an oven thermometer to make sure your oven is running at temperature. So many ovens can be off by 25-30 degrees and that too would make a difference. Here's a videoo that explains what I'm talking about and how to fix it! Keep me posted!

  3. My husband and I took our first trip to France this past summer and fell in LOVE! These madeleines took us right back there! They were perfect, thank you for sharing your love for baking and cooking with the world!

    1. So sorry Jan! I just fixed that (an old plugin needed to be updated!) so it should be working now 🙂 Apologies for the hassle!

  4. This was my first time making madeleines and they turned out beautifully! The other recipes I looked at all called for lemon zest or vanilla. While I’m sure either would have been great, I loved your idea of using orange zest. They were super tasty, and I’ll definitely be making them again.

      1. I just made my first madeleines too, and your recipe was absolutely perfect and so easy to follow! Thanks very much, and I will explore your site further.

        1. Yay! So glad you enjoyed it Maria! Yes lots of other yummy recipes on the site as well 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

  5. Made these Madeleines yesterday. First time ever making Madeleines. They are so easy to make and turned out yummy. Will definitely be making them again. Thank you, Beth! We love your recipes and your videos.

  6. Is the zest part of the dry ingredients? I wasn’t sure when to add the zest. I made them for my granddaughter’s birthday and she loved them.

    1. Oh yes in the wet ingredients 🙂 so sorry! I'll update the recipe now. So glad they were a hit! 🙂

  7. Made them for my family and they loved it! We always buy the big containers from bjs or Costco and when I saw this recipe I had to try making it myself and my husband prefers the fresh one much better! I’ve made this recipe for two weeks straight because it was such a hit! Definitely would recommend to anyone and everyone!

  8. I’ve made these a few times now & they turned out beautifully, thank you for the recipe. I even 1/2 dipped some in chocolate. A big hit. I know you said you can keep the pre prepared batter for 2 days in the fridge, but can you keep it longer, like say a week? Or should I just throw away. I made some & only used 1/2 the mixture & forgot I had some left over.

    1. Unfortunately, the batter would start to break down a bit after 2 days. BUT you can bake them all off next time and freeze the cookies. They do freeze well! 🙂 So glad the recipe was a hit!

  9. Beth, I made your recipe for these madeleine’s today. They are PERFECTION! I wish I could share a picture of mine with you. Turned out exactly right —lightly brown, crisp and with a hump. I used lime zest and added 1 tsp of rum extract to suit my taste. Delicious! THANK YOU for this incredible recipe. Keep ‘em coming!

  10. Wow the effort and detail you have put in this is absolutely amazing. I’m so thankful I found your blog. Keep up the beautiful work. Bless you.

    1. Oh sure you could try that too. Orange extract is pretty strong so I would use only 1/2 tsp. And omit the vanilla extract. Hope you enjoy!

  11. I read above in a comment that the cookies can be frozen, but I was wondering if the batter could- or would that ruin it? I'd love to freeze the batter and have on hand to make a few fresh baked cookies at a time. Is this possible?

    1. Well with other cookie doughs you could, but these are more like little cakes so yes I think it would be better to bake them off and freeze them. Then to defrost, place in the microwave to thaw/reheat. I would be afraid of freezing the batter that it would affect its ability to rise and bake properly. Hope that helps!

    1. They really start to dry out after a few days. They are a finicky little cookie best eaten the day of baking, but if you needed to store them, I would pop in the fridge to stay fresh, and then remove 30 mins before serving. Hope that helps!

    1. I wouldn't use the powdered sugar in these. Since it has cornstarch in it and will affect the texture. You're better off using the granulated sugar 🙂

    2. The instructions already say 'powdered sugar'. Powdered sugar does not contain starch unless you buy some with starch inside.

  12. Decided to try this recipe as Madeleine s are my hubby's favourite. It's deffo worth the time and effort, but be careful not to over fill your trays as I did with first tray, but so delice Thanks -

  13. We love making madeleines in our house! There are so many delicious ways to customize them. Love your tidbits about the history of these delicious little cakes!

  14. These came out perfect. I didn’t have an orange so I used lemon zest. They tasted amazing and were really easy to make. I will definitely be making these again.

  15. Pretty simple recipe and super tasty results. Although I'd suggest increasing the quantities by at least one third to have a decent amount of madeleines.

  16. Hi great recipe I have to try, I live in Belgium and they eat madeleines a lot...

    Do you need to cool down the melted butter before adding it?

  17. My first time baking madelines and I was expecting a disaster. So imagine my surprise when they turned out perfect and so beautiful! Thank you for this recipe.

  18. it’s written here that these are only 47cal each, but if the batter makes 18 then they are almost 100 calories each? is this a mistake?

    1. I use a computer program (Nutrifox) to calculate the calories and I put in all the ingredients and the yield (18 cookies) and it generates the calorie count based on that. Now I'm sure it's not a perfect science, computers being what they are :), but it's probably in the neighborhood of about 50 calories each

  19. My first time baking made lines and I was expecting a disaster. So imagine my surprise when they turned out perfect and so beautiful! Thank you for this recipe.

    1. I would start by cutting the baking time in half and see how that does. Increasing by 1:00 intervals as needed. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

  20. I made them just now, I needed something delicious that was not too sweet and they were like heaven. delicious. Thank you, Paty

  21. HI,

    I had a question about this recipe. The measurement for butter is noted as 6 tablespoons (160ml). However, the correct measurement for 6 tablespoons of butter is actually 188ml. Which is the correct measurement for this particular recipe? Do you usually weigh your ingredients or measure manually?

    1. Ah OK since the butter is melted, and liquid, I use the liquid measurement conversion. This is the site I use to convert my Imperial Recipes to Metric System. You'll see that 1 tbsp is 15ml, so really 6 would be 90ml. http://www.jsward.com/cooking/conversion.shtml this is the measurement I Use to achieve the best results :). Hope that helps!

  22. Hi Beth. I'm French (from Lorraine) but I live in the US. During my last trip to France, my dad gifted me non stick Madeleine pans daring me to make them once I go back to the US! Well, your recipe is a total hit. It's already my 4th time making them and it's always a success! So easy! Thank you so much! Merci beaucoup! Kids and husband ask for them all the time!

    1. YAY! I'm so glad it has been a hit! These are also really good dipped in chocolate too! Ha! But that's my American side talking. :). So glad you have enjoyed them!

  23. Super easy and delicious! I found that I needed 10 minutes in my oven, but maybe that is because I used a gold pan. I experimented with traditional pan and heart shaped and also mini ones and they all turned out perfectly. It’s a great thing to have ready for guests after dinner with coffee.

  24. I tried this recipe today and it came out great! For my first batch, I was a bit paranoid that the madeleines would still stick to my non-stick metal pan so after brushing the molds with melted butter, I also dusted them with flour. For the next batch however I just brushed the pan with melted butter, no more flour, and they came out looking even more fantastic, more golden with crispy edges. I have a question - I wanna make some for my friends but they live far away, so I was planning to ship the madeleines but transit can take up to one to two days here. How long do you think these will last? Or what can I add that won't affect their flavor too much but will make them last a bit longer? Thank you so much for this recipe by the way!

    1. Ahh they aren't great the longer they sit, really best eaten the day they are made. They tend to get a bit dry after 2 days or so. But dipped in coffee at this stage they are still pretty good! 🙂

    2. I baked these today and was thrilled at how easy the recipe is and how well they turned out! Thank you!

  25. Amazing recipe. I tried it 3 times already, family and friends loved it, and on for the 4th this evening where i will try adding cocoa powder as i read in 1 of the comments.
    Thank you

  26. Beth, thank you very much for sharing this recipe. I have tried and failed many times in making madeleines with various recipes, none of which came out right. Yours was the first that actually worked. Thank you.

    If we wanted to make chocolate madeleines, what would be the best way to go about it? Using cacao powder? Mixing chocolate with the melted butter?

    1. YAY! I'm so glad they worked out! Yes I would add cocoa powder for a chocolate madeleine. But then you will need to experiment a bit with the flour and sugar. I would try this: Reduce the flour to 3/4. Add 1/4 Cocoa Powder. Then increase the sugar to 3/4 since the unsweetened cocoa powder is very bitter, you may even find you need to go to a full cup of sugar. But I would first start with 3/4 cup. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

  27. I like making Madeleines and decided to see if your easy recipe can compare. Yes, they were wonderful and easy. So delish that I would bet “Martha” secretly uses this recipe.
    Thank you

  28. Perfect Madeleines. The plate was empty within minutes. Just had to bake for 12 minutes. Thank you for the easy to follow directions and a great recipe.

    1. I made these Madeleines this morning. I refrigerated the batter over night.Let me say this,you can’t just eat one,they are so yummy.I have a smaller Madeline pan so I have enough
      batter for about 40,will make another batch tomorrow. Thanks Beth for a great and yummy recipe.

    1. You can put the batter in the mold right away after it's refrigerated for at least an hour.

    2. I finally just baked these after my daughter constant requests. House smells wonderful and these are a true delight! Thank you for making this super easy.

  29. I had mixed up the batter in the morning before work then was planning to do my baking when I got home. To my surprise I found the bowl on the counter when I arrived home in the evening. Apparently my husband had pulled it out of the fridge at one point during the day then could not remember if it was meant to be inside or outside the fridge! Well, I had committed to making madeleines so I stuck the bowl back into the fridge and ended up baking until past midnight.

    They were so worth it. I brought them to the office yesterday and they were a great hit. Even officemates who were on diets could not resist.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. LOL! Aww that's the best story ever! So so funny! I'm so glad that you forged ahead and made them! And even happier to hear they were such a success! BRAVO! 🙂

  30. Hi Beth! I've made these madeleines in the past using a nonstick metal pan and for some mysterious reason they always stick! Regardless of if it's greased, or greased & floured, these little guys do not want to budge! It's such a shame because they taste great! I've lost most hope, but I was hoping to possibly try it again this Christmas and was wondering if you had any advice. I've been reading about how greasing non stick surfaces can actually build a residue and result in the opposite effects. Think its worth trying on an ungreased pan? Otherwise, I'm throwing this pan out and getting myself a new one!

    1. Oh no! Yes I would believe residue could build up and cause problems. This is the pan I have that I swear by.https://amzn.to/2savgEF A little greasing with baking spray (not butter) and they pop right out! May be time to treat yourself to a new one? 🙂

      1. Hi! I recently made these with exactly the same pan you use and following all your instructions, the only difference is that it took me a bit longer than expected and let the batter in the fridge overnight. They taste grate, but for some reason some are not coming with the traditional lines or they are barely visible. Do you know what could have gone wrong?


        1. Interesting. I would try it again and only place the batter in the fridge for an hour. Overnight may be affecting the outcome. I'm sure that's why they took longer to bake since the batter was colder to begin with and maybe it could be affecting the lines too? Keep me posted!

        1. Ah OK the dryness sometimes can come from over baking. Or you can also add 2-3 tbsp more butter next time. Hope that helps! 🙂

  31. The recipe was easy to follow, and the madeleines baked perfectly, with a nice, rounded hump and a fabulous taste. I added 1/2 tsp vanilla as well as the orange zest. Delicious!

    1. I find the best ones are on Amazon.There are so many options you can price shop, but just go for metal and non-stick. Those work the best!

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  33. Beth - The texture, "hump" and sponginess turned out beautifully, but tasted very eggy-- what can i do to improve the flavor? We used 1 tsp vanilla.

    1. Oh sure you could add more vanilla. You could go up to 2 1/2 tsp and that would make the vanilla flavor more pronounced 🙂

    1. No need. Just pop the madeleines out on a cooling rack (easier to do this before the cool and set) and then keep going! 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

  34. Wow, novice baker, complete success. I have made 4 batches so far. The batter that sat in the refrigerator for the longest (3 days) baked up with the best hump. Timing the baking is tricky--a minute too long, a minute too short? I will keep working on these to get it just right. A batch is going out the door now (6:30 am, so easy with the batter ready to go) for a birthday at my daughter's work, and a little boys' soccer team loved these split and filled with a thin layer of chocolate ganache. I will be returning to your site for other recipes--your videos are just great.

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  40. First of all thank you for this very nice and successful recipe. I have already made it successfully two times, with just slight adjustment in T. From my experience and the way how my oven works, " hump" look was achieved only with a higher T. Preheat oven to 220C and bake Madelines first 3 minutes on that T. Next 4-5 minutes I did it on 200C. Also, instead of 1 tablespoon of batter, I went with a heaping teaspoon and they came out nice and plump.

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  42. Overall I believe the recipe worked as it tasted citrus-y but not sweet. I used a thermometer, fresh baking powder, refrigerated over 2 hours and didn't see a pop in the middle. I'll keep trying but any suggestions on increasing sweetness without wrecking the recipe?

    On a different recipe it had a higher start 230c then 200c...thoughts on that?

    1. Sure you could bring the sugar up to 3/4 cup if you want them to be sweeter. And for the pop in the middle I would make these again with a fresh can of baking powder to make sure it is at full potency and then allow the batter to rest overnight in the fridge. This would probably do the trick! Keep me posted 🙂

  43. Great and easy recipe. I had to cook mine for 10 minutes and they still probably could have cooked a bit more. I can't wait to try these with different flavors.

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  48. I am an experienced baker but I cannot get this cookie to turn out. I followed your recipe exactly but they always sink in the middle. Why?

    1. Hmm sinking in the middle sounds like it could be a few things 1. the batter isn't cold enough or 2. your baking powder might be too old or 3. your oven isn't running at the right temp. Often times we set our oven for 350F, and the meter will tell you its 350F but it's actually not calibrated correctly and may be running cool, say at 300F. This is really common in ovens and most people's ovens if they are a few years old don't run exactly at temp. The best thing to help with this is an oven thermometer. That way if it is running cool you can set your oven to say 375F to get it to run at 350F. I really think it could be that 🙂 since you might not be getting enough heat quickly enough to activate the baking powder and force the cookies up. Let me know if that helps!

  49. Hi Beth, Thank you for this easy and delicious recipe. It comes out perfect every time. I add a little bit of vanilla with the orange peel made it even better!

  50. Thank you for great recipe and tips. You write to pre heat oven but to refrigerate for at leastan hour. Think pre-heat comes when ready to bake.

  51. Can these be frozen? If so, should they be dusted with with powdered sugar before freezing or wait until they thaw?
    If you make the batter a day or two before baking, should the batter be kept in the fridge up to 2 days?

    1. Sure you can keep the batter for 2 days in the fridge and I would dust with powdered sugar after they thaw 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

      1. I only gave 3 stars because I could barely get them out of the expensive no-stick Madeleine pan Ive used many times in the past. I am an experienced baker. I’m wondering if the non-stickness wears out. If so, then how do you prepare the pan?

        1. I wouldn't think the non-stick would wear out unless you can visible see that the coating is peeling? This is hands down my favorite madeleine pan works great if you need a new one! And for a truly flawless finish you must use the baking spray, not butter, that will allow them to pop right out just like in the video. Try those two things next time and I bet you'll have better success 🙂

  52. I was given a silicone madeleine pan, and was wondering if there was any way I can make it work with your recipe. I would have preferred a metal pan, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

    1. Oh sure it will still work fine and be delicious no worries! It's just my own personal preference for metal if I have a choice. Enjoy!