Mexican Street Food Party (Sponsored Post)

Labor Day is in just a few weeks and this Mexican Street Food Party Menu is the perfect opportunity to gather your friends around the table and toast the end of summer!

Collage of Mexican Street Food Party Recipes

For this menu, I was thrilled to work with  Gladiator® who supplied me with their beautiful All Refrigerator and Upright Freezer to help pull off this party with ease. You can watch the video below to see why these units are truly an entertainer's best friend!

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A photo of a Gladiator Upright Refrigerator and Freezer closed
All Refrigerator and Upright Freezer (Closed)


An opened upright refrigerator and freezer
The units opened and stocked!

When ordering these appliances, you can specify which way you want the doors to swing open. If you specify one door to swing open left, and the other to swing open right, you'll have an impressive armoire design that makes for such amazing storage for an avid entertainer like me!

a person holding an aqua Fresca jar walking to a refrigerator and freezer in a garage

You can watch the full tutorial of this menu below and see how these beautiful appliances and their features, helped me organize all the prep!


Mexican Street Food Party Recipes

Glasses filled with canteloupe cucumber agua fresca garnished with melon balls and sliced cucumbers

We're going to kick things off with some refreshing Cantaloupe and Cucumber Aqua Frescas! These drinks are so refreshing in the summertime and they are even better if you make them the day before because it will allow the flavors to marry.

A terra-cotta platter filled with Carne Asada tacos

For the main event, it's My Carne Asada Tacos, the perfect main course that will feed a crowd! You can marinate the meat the day before, and this will result in the most flavorful tacos. Then just grill, top with relish, and serve!

a platter filled with a charred Mexican corn salad

For a side dish, this easy Mexican Charred Corn Salad is fantastic! Nowadays you can find frozen charred, corn in the freezer section and it's what makes this dish so quick and easy! Add a spicy lime dressing, some cilantro, top with queso fresco and you have one delicious side salad waiting for you.

a churro sundae on a blue plate with a fork

No Mexican Street Food Menu would be complete without a churro! These delicious Churro Sundaes are an updated take on this classic treat! You can pipe out the dough ahead of time, freeze, and then all you have to do is fry them up, dust with cinnamon sugar and add your toppings!

Note: Refrigerator contents may freeze if room temperatures reach 32°F (0°C) or below. Monitor food and beverages frequently for freezing, freshness, and taste when using the refrigerator in cold locations. Note: And even in extreme temperatures from 0˚F to 110˚F, Gladiator Upright Freezer keeps all items properly frozen. Ice maker not included and not compatible with ice maker kit.

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  1. Hi!!! I love all your videos!!! I really like watching a couple every night before bed 🙂 can you please send me a link to your indoor grill pan? Thanks! Astrid.

      1. Thank you! I put it on my wish list already. I forgot to mention I like the background music of your videos (especially the French!), your props, when your dad us in the videos, and the tone of your voice ????